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Amazon native ads – a complete introduction
14 January 2020

Amazon native ads – a complete introduction

Like other Affiliate marketing programs, Amazon requires you to use their tracking links, so they can tell when you’ve referred traffic or sales. There are many ways to do and Amazon native ads are one.

Amazon's native ads are similar to AdSense in terms of showcasing the ad sets. It shows the ads which are relevant to the page it is being displayed upon. All you need is to place the ad code on the page and it will automatically scan the content of the page and display relevant ads on the page.

Amazon Native Ads are one of the great ways to showcase products right in front or your interested readers! There are options for customization of these ads that include keywords, specific products, and even suggested products based on the user and page content.

How to create native ads?

  • Go to your Amazon Associates dashboard or homepage. From there, visit the Product Linking tab.
  • From there, click on “Native Shopping Ads”. This will take you to the Amazon native ads page.
  • Now, select the type of ad you want to create. For this, click the arrow next to “Create Ad Unit” and select the Ad type.
  • Make sure you select categories and a keyword fallback related to your page content. Try to make sure you don’t get off track with your Amazon Native Ads.
  • Once you have selected your categories and entered the keyword, HTML code will populate in the box under “Copy Ad Code”. All you have to do is click the yellow “Highlight Ad Code” button, and paste that into your text area on the website or blog post!

Amazon's native ads are auto programmed to show internet-based ads that you can change by going into the advanced settings. The frequency of Amazon native ads is completely up to you, based on how many ads you want to display.

Types of Amazon Native Ads:

There are three types of native ads available for affiliates to use.

  1. Custom native ads:

In this ad, type you can handpick your favorite products that you want to promote and place the ad unit within your article post.  It is elegant and flexible to use.

  1. Search native ads:

These types of ads allow your visitors to search Amazon directly from your website. It also includes product recommendations based on search phrases or words entered by you or your visitors.

  1. Recommendation native ads:

It automatically displays relevant product recommendations from Amazon based on your page content and visiting users. It is a highly responsive design. Just place it at the end of your content, and it will adapt to the page container and device type.

Should you have ads in every post?

The frequency of ads you want to post on your blog completely depends on your choice. There is no set measure or rules for it. It is always advised to post a single ad unit instead of multiple ad units on a blog.

Single ad units enable people to shop easily, and help you make more money from your blog. The most important benefit of using this ad type is that Amazon is a trusted brand, and people will purchase from it, which means increased commissions for you.


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