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Ways to promote Amazon product listings and boost sales
14 January 2020

Ways to promote Amazon product listings and boost sales

According to recent research, “buyers start their product research nearly 2X more often on Amazon than on Google”. This statistic clearly shows why selling on Amazon is so valuable. When you’re done with setting up your account on Amazon’s affiliate program, it’s time to start promoting Amazon product listings. Just like any other sales channel, you need to put in some effort to get the most out of it. Look at these top four ways to promote Amazon product listings to increase your product sales.

  1. Do a competitive search:

Before you start promoting your Amazon product listing, you need to clearly understand what you are up against. Do a proper analysis of your competitors’ pages to learn what shoppers want and don’t want. Also, you can learn more about the best promotion opportunities by analyzing complementary products on a regular basis.

For better analysis, you can read buyers' reviews and questions and answers on competitors’ pages. Learn more about competitors, like how often they update their product listings, images or other content. If your competitor is out of stock, then it may be the right time for you to reduce the prices or increase ads.

  1. Find the right pricing:

Getting the pricing right is also an important concern for any Amazon product seller. Before finding the right pricing for your product, you'll need to keep some key considerations in mind. According to the “general pricing rule” in the Amazon selling agreement which includes the “price parity clause”, your product price can’t be lower than any other online sales channel.

Lightning deals, price discounts, best deals, coupons, buy one get one offers, etc., are the best ways to offer and draw attention to a temporary deal or discount for your products.

  1. Optimize your product listing:

Optimize your product listing to improve your listing quality by using these key points:

  • Titles: Always add a brand or manufacturer name in the product title. Make your listing better by adding as much relevant information in product title as you can. Titles are an important element to shoppers essential information when they're searching for your products.
  • Bullets: You can use bullet points to highlight key features and benefits that differentiate your products. Well defined key features of your products can increase the chances of product sales.
  • Images: Add a clear picture of your product, so that customers can see its features and advantages. Show the product from various angles.
  1. Encourage Reviews:

There is no doubt that reviews are an essential thing for a product. Buyers trust sellers who have multiple reviews. You need to encourage your customers to leave reviews as often as possible. If you receive negative reviews from your customers, show them as well.

Prompt feedback requests can increasingly improve the amount and quality of the feedback. You can use automated feedback tools to make the process easier.

To become an ace seller on Amazon, it requires hard work and smart strategical moves to earn loads of benefits. Spend some time optimizing and promoting your listings, and you'll be in a much better position. Look for your customers' needs and craft your promoting strategies to receive a boost in your sales.


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