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How to register for an Amazon Affiliate account
14 January 2020

How to register for an Amazon Affiliate account

If you own a website or blog and want to make money from it, then Amazon’s associate program is the best method to add affiliate money making opportunities. By adding links from products on Amazon’s site to your website, you can earn a good commission when your visitor clicks on the links and makes a purchase from Amazon.

By spending a little amount of time and effort, you can easily be an Amazon affiliate. Follow a simple sign up process to get access to Amazon’s affiliate program. Here is complete process:

Step 1: Get Started:

  1. Go to the Amazon associates site
  2. Select Amazon associate based on your country
  3. Click on “Join now for free”

  4. After that, you'll need to enter your E-mail address and click on “I am a new customer”.
  5. Click on Sign in using our secure server

Step 2: Create an Amazon account:

  1. Enter the required registration data. Name, E-mail address and password.

  2. After clicking on “create account”, fill in the payee account information

Step 3: Set Website profile:

  1. Go the “Your website profile” and fill in the form

After filling in the complete information of your website, click on the agreement terms and condition and click on Finish.

Step 4: Note your Associates Id and then select payment method.

Step 5: Set the payment method

  1. Fill in your Tax payee information.
  2. Enter your PAN number.
  3. Choose the organization type.
  4. Select the payment method.
  5. Click on continue.





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