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What is Affiliate Marketing and How Can You Start?
21 January 2020

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular and popular ways to make money on the Internet, but when the question comes up with “What is Affiliate Marketing?” The answer should be clearer and more specific. There are many regular people on the Internet who make money through marketing. Commission and they have not yet understood what commission marketing is, and how it actually works.

To start with, let's take a look at the definition of Wikipedia, the English Encyclopedia for Affiliate Marketing:

Commission marketing is a marketing activity in a type of business in which an employer gives the marketer/commissioners a commission for every visitor or customer who purchases from the employer’s site, with the personal marketer's efforts.

The definition is a bit complicated .. right?

Well let's come to understandable talk, I'll give you my simplified definition of commission marketing:

"Affiliate marketing is a promotional process that you do for other people/companies, and in return, you get a commission for completing the sale process through you."

I think this definition is somewhat simpler ... right?

It happens exactly on the Internet as it does in the real world, but the areas, opportunities, and profit on the Internet are much greater than in the real world.

And if this definition is somewhat difficult for you as well, here is the following definition: -

"Commission marketing is essentially dependent on you selling or promoting someone else's products/services, and getting a commission for you as a return for this effort."

The main concept on which commission marketing depends is that you get your commission when you actually get the sale.

As you can imagine, this matter is very attractive to many people, especially if you have a website, but you do not have a product, or you even have the ability to create a product and sell it on your site, in this case, commission marketing will be an effective solution for you.

Our goal in this article is to explain to you the basic principles of online commission commissioning and to explain how you can start your first Affiliate Marketing campaign from scratch, with very little money.

So - and in principle - the first thing you need to do as an Affiliate Marketer to start is: -

To promote the products of others (whether they are companies or individuals) using your own link called Referral Link or Tracking ID or any other name, the important thing is that it refers to you, and only you, and it enables the business owner to follow the visitors coming through you, especially those who Complete the sale process, so this link must be yours, and you should not use any other link except to prove that you are entitled to commission, in case the sale is completed.

If anyone from your visitors completes the intended sale (or takes a specific action, such as registering on a site, or completes a questionnaire, or other) through your link, it is followed up by the original (advertiser) owner and accordingly, you get On your commission. This commission can either be a percentage of the value of the product (as all of you do ClickBank) or a fixed amount set by the advertiser (as MaxBounty does)

In this way, the advertiser and the publisher - both of them - benefit .. the advertiser gets a lot of sales for his products/services, while many publishers (or affiliates marketers) promote their products, and they increase their income by the commission they earn for promoting this good / service. Moreover, the advertiser will not pay a penny to the publisher unless the sale is completed, there is no risk in the matter such as PPC advertising campaigns such as those undertaken by major companies such as Google.

For this reason, most product creators produce their own Affiliate program, providing them with special links on their sites where they advertise their products.

What is Affiliate Marketing used for?

Essentially, commission marketing is used by companies to reach a larger audience, in order to convert them into customers and increase sales volumes. It is a very great way for companies to reach more marketers, to advertise their products/services in return for a small return .. a simple commission for every sale.
For example:

Imagine that you have your own business in which you sell a particular product, and as a business owner it is difficult for you to market any of the products/services that you produce, but if you have 100 other people selling this product to you, in this case, you raise stress Exerted by you in order to promote and sell this product, then you will be satisfied with collecting and settling accounts, and this will allow your business volume to start in a larger area of ?? spread, reach the target area of ?? the market in a short time, and build the desired customer base to increase sales .. Note All of this is assuming that you are the 100 you set, and CHR P them just.
But suppose that these 100 each of them gets a reasonable commission for every sale that is made... It is a very profitable deal, and this is a catalyst that pushes Affiliates people to work more and more to achieve the desired purpose of this work... It is a win-win transaction in the literal sense of the word Win-Win Deal, both the producer and the marketer win, and win satisfactorily as well... Perhaps you spread an atmosphere of competition in these atmospheres by stimulating prizes and announcing the results of marketers .. This is truly enough to ignite the fire of competition at its height.

Is Affiliate Marketing Really Profitable?

The answer is quite simple ... (Yes) .. and a thousand million (Yes) as well ...

I have made - personally - some good amount of money from the Internet through commission marketing over the past three years, and I am still in fact, as well as using a special commission marketing program - some offer recurring commission, which really kept me going in affiliate business. But if you come across those advertisements that talk to you about affiliate marketing as if it was a children's game, and that you can make thousands of dollars a day with little effort from you, know very well that this is Not true at all.

And do not understand by this that you will not be able to achieve those thousands of dollars, and there are already those who make thousands every day, but the truth is that none of them made thousands of dollars overnight .. impossible .. success took a lot of time and effort to create that empire from marketing Affiliate Marketing commission, and after this effort, profit-taking comes as a result of these efforts.

And remember from the beginning, that Affiliate Marketing is just like work and business like any other business in normal life, and that it is more than a great way to make money on the Internet, just like any other business in normal life, and that it will require you a lot of time, effort and money to spend in it like it Any other business in life, and this is so you can reap such sums and profits that you dream about.

The most beautiful thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you can really start building your business from today. It is relatively free of charge, and most of what will be consumed from your balance in the first stage only is.. time. Today this is becoming a bit difficult to make money as ten years ago. 

Why start Affiliate Marketing commission?

Affiliate Marketing is a great way for you as an individual to make money, and here are some reasons to explain this concept: -
You do not need a large amount of money to start your Affiliate Marketing online business.
You do not need to purchase or store stock.
You do not need to make deals or end sales with clients.
You do not need to send goods to customers, nor do you need to deal with refunds.
You can manage Affiliate Marketing commission from anywhere in the world, and once your business is launched on the Internet, you can work and make money anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (that is, even while you are sleeping !!)

How do I get started with Affiliate Marketing?

There are some considerations that you must keep in mind before choosing to enter this field of business... First, you must choose the right product that you are promoting, and second, that you must have an audience interested in this product.

This step is the most important step - literally - to start working with marketing for the commission... So if you make a mistake in this step, you will - unfortunately - fail in this type of business.

You must choose the product that provides solutions and assistance to your audience if you have a blog that talks about slimming and weight loss, then promoting a product that talks about Forex, in this case, are a waste of time, and useless, and the return will not only be not getting sales, but You may also lose your credibility with your customers. Also, keep in mind that promoting a low-quality product will make you lose your reputation and brand in the field in which you work.

Always remember... In order to get the best results, make sure that you are promoting a product that you have already tried and reviewed, or that you are 100% sure of its quality enough to display it to your customers .. And do not be deceived by the amount of commission that is displayed in order to promote this product in your blog, except After you confirm its quality.

I now offer you a set of tips, which will help you to find Avalite products that are compatible, or related to the segment in which you specialize: -

1- Explore Affiliate Networks

This is the first step for you as a marketer when you want to work in Affiliate Marketing. Browse the famous Affiliate networks and search for the product that matches your segment. Affiliate Networks acts as a mediator between you as a publisher or affiliate marketer and the Merchant who launched its commission. There are a few affiliate networks that have lists containing various programs of commission marketing offers, and such lists - of their large size - allow you to have a variety of products, which gives you the opportunity to search and find the right product for the segment you work with, and to find it compatible with the content of your site. These networks - virtually the few on the Internet - provide the search feature with relevant keywords, to get products that match your blog's domain.

The most famous affiliate network on the Internet is ClickBank, which is the best, largest and my favorite, as I got from it my first commission, and where I was able to make my first money on the Internet, and in this place, you find more than 10,000 electronic products that facilitate the process of selling and promoting only with the promotional activity that you do with it, the rest of your business takes over the site.

There is also a Commission Junction or CJ, and there is also a ShareASale network ... and there are many, many more.

2- Search through Google Search

Another way to help you find products related to the subject of the slide that you work with is to use Google search services .. Do the following equation in the search box:

“Keyword + Affiliate Program”

Of course, you replace the keyword with the keyword related to your field, such as the formula: -

“Weight Loss Affiliate Programs”

Then clicking on the search word, and you will find the results with is appropriate and compatible with the slide that you work with.

3- Check out the various online stores

Almost all well-known online stores have their own affiliate programs, such as Amazon and eBay, etc. so you can simply register on any of these sites, then sign up for their commission commissioning program, and start choosing products that are compatible with Your slide.

Usually, the commission will not be great, but the chance that someone who holds a credit card or a purchase card from the Internet will enter a large store from electronic stores such stores, the possibility of buying other products will be large by a large percentage .. and this is the key to profit for you From dealing with such stores.

4- Communicate directly with individuals and companies

There are some companies that do not advertise their affiliate programs but may be receptive to the idea of ?? marketing to them for a commission that you agree on. If you find, for example, a company that sells a product that interests you, or you have experience in its field, and you can market it easily, I advise you to contact it directly. For example, I know two Forex car brands: FSDFX and MarketsMENA offer affiliate programs without advertising. For example, you can contact these companies directly. Likewise, there are many Arab Friars who sell certain products and who would be happy to promote their products if you were serious about this.

5- Watch your competitors

If you have the ability to find products in the ways described above, you will simply have the ability to simply examine your competitors in the market (the same locations as your slide) and what products they promote, and then simply take these products and promote them yourself .. inevitably Your competitors are more than you are experienced, and they have certain criteria for choosing the product, maybe these criteria do not have, or you did not know them yet, so it would be preferable in this case to learn from them promote the same products that they promote until you get a taste of the products with High quality with time.

Now that you have been offered all the above means, you have the ability to choose the right product for you to start promoting it .. Choose carefully and carefully, and start working.

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